Picking a puppy/kitten for your family

Picking a puppy or kitten for your family

Picking a puppy/kitten for your family

You have made the decision to bring a fur kid home. It is one of the amazing feelings in the world.

The legal bit if you plan to buy a puppy or kitten:

  • use the puppy contractor the kitten checklist
  • read the RSPCAand Animal Welfare Foundation information
  • always see the puppy or kitten with its mother and any litter, and if possible, in the location it was born
  • never buy a puppy or kitten younger than 8 weeks old
  • the breeder should microchip and update your details on the database.

A few points to consider while selecting the right puppy or kitten for your family:


Carefully consider the space, time and commitment needed to ensure that you can accommodate the new member to your life. Try to match your life pace to that of your puppy companion. The puppy will grow into an adult dog in no time.


Consult a veterinarian to build up a vaccination schedule. Early vaccinations and boosters help prevent some of the canine and feline diseases. It is a fantastic opportunity to consult your vet for general health checks, puppy training and care.

Energy levels

Every puppy is different. Spend as much time with your future puppy before bringing he/ she home. This will build a positive relationship with the puppy and will get an understanding of the personality and energy levels. Enrol for puppy training classes if you are a new pet parent.


Depends on the breed, maintenance needs differ. Proper grooming helps your puppy to be happy and healthy. Long coat, short coat, curly coat, pointed ears, floppy ears...all these unique qualities of your puppy have their own specific care! Long coat felines are more prone to developing hairballs.


Barekmor range provides your pets with all the vital vitamins and nutrients they need to maintain their energy level, a healthy coat and skin, bright eyes, strong bones, and overall good health. It is easier for them to digest, and they have fewer bowel movements. Our executive quality food is affordable, because when you compare the amount of commercial quality food it takes to satisfy the pet, the cost can be about the same. It may save you money on frequent trips to your vet.


Finally, we believe the puppy or kitten choses you rather than the other way around. Keep your eyes peeled and your hearts open. The right one (regardless of age) will find his/ her way to your home and heart.