Making the switch To Barekmor Pet Foods

Switching your pet’s food from one to another should be made gradually, especially when you move from an inadequate diet to high-graded diet of BAREKMOR / ALPHA ALBION™. Sudden change to your pet’s diet can cause gastrointestinal upset which might result in diarrhoea and occasionally vomiting, increased shedding, dandruff and skin crusts in pets. This period is commonly known as ‘Detoxification Period’. The symptoms usually start in one or two weeks from the date of diet change.

It is advised to provide a minimum period of 10 days to your Dog or Cat, so their digestive tract can adapt to the high-graded diet of BAREKMOR PET FOODS. The easiest way of introducing your lovely pet to BAREKMOR / ALPHA ALBION™ is to increase the amount of Barekmor/ Alpha Albion food in your pet’s bowl, while gradually reducing the current food as shown in the diagram below.

A further slow process of change is important for dogs with sensitive stomachs that may need longer period of 14 days to adapt to BAREKMOR/ ALPHA ALBION™. Switching between different recipes of BAREKMOR™ can be done directly or in two or three days, since the nutritional analysis and the quality of ingredients are within the same range of values. The following diagram will explain more about the process.

If you have any questions about how to help your beloved pet switch to BAREKMOR PET FOODS, please take a look at our packs, check our webpage or drop us a line at