Pet foods are readily available from most places like the supermarkets, online sites, and local pet stores and even from your vets. Basic shopping sense means that higher the price, better the quality. People tend to buy larger bags as they are the cost- effective option, assuming they are getting the best. There are a whole host of foods like grain- free, cereal based, raw foods, dry/wet foods and a lot. We, the Hidden Gem Albion family, have devised an executive quality pet food which has a price that matches the quality.

Barekmor / Alpha Albion pet foods mean a higher standard in both nutrition and quality. We only use 100% naturally sourced ingredients and our recipes are made from freshly prepared human grade meat or fish as a protein source. Each serving contains high quality nutritionally balanced ingredients than in a typical pet food brand, which fills your pet fast making Barekmor™ a cost effective pet food in the long run. With more nutrients in every bite, your dog does not need to eat as much premium food as they would a brand that contains cheap fillers.

A Complete and Balanced Food

Our Pet foods are designed to provide energy for life in your pets. Our foods are “complete,” which means that it can be used as your pet’s only food without the need to feed them anything else. We have tailor-made recipes for each breed, size and age of dog/cat so that optimal nutrition can be obtained.

High Quality Ingredients

Barekmor™ is proud to be a part of the revolutionary era of introducing a diet as closer to our pets’ ancestors. Therefore, the ingredients used are 100% naturally sourced and human-grade. Maximum of ingredients are sourced from the United Kingdom supporting the local British Farmers. We make use of recognised, name cuts of meat rather than “meat meal”, sugars, flavourings, preservatives, colours and bulking agents like grains, soya, dairy and cereals.


Designer pet food

Anyone can throw a load of ingredients into a pot, mix it up and call it pet food, but properly formulating a pet’s diet to match their needs is much more complex! All our recipes are formulated by a team of expert and experienced UK pet nutritionists, vets, microbiologists and research team to match the needs of modern domestic pets.

Quality Controls in Place

The safety of pet foods is our priority and we go to great lengths to ensure this by strict quality control measures. We make sure that the ingredients match the labels and are reliably sourced in the UK. Our quality control measures are in place to ensure that the pet foods are safe and more uniform. Every hour, samples are checked by our microbiologists to ensure quality and samples of each product are kept for at least 12 months for analysis if needed.

Right Food for Your Pet’s Lifestyle

The food we feed our pet truly matters and affects their overall health and well-being. Always consider your pet’s age, breed, size, activity levels, etc. when selecting a food for them.

All our products are grain free and we use high quality natural and human grade ingredients.

No fillers, No grains, No colours/preservatives, No nonsense - just yummy food that your furry friend dream of.

Unhealthy commercial products cause a variety of life style diseases like allergies, diabetes, cancer, obesity, which were never heard of a few decades ago. Barekmor™ range provides dogs and cats with all the vital vitamins and nutrients they need to maintain their energy level, a healthy coat and skin, bright eyes, strong bones, and overall good health. It is easier for them to digest and they have fewer bowel movements. Our executive quality food is affordable, because when you compare the amount of lower quality food it takes to satisfy the pet, the cost can be about the same. It definitely saves you money on frequent trips to your vet.