Pets are beautiful creatures who fill our lives with inexplicable joy and charm –it is only fair to treat our beloved canines and felines with the most healthy and nutritious meals. The market is swarming with brands offering dog foods and cat foods which aren’t suitable for your pets at all. Here’s where HGA’s story begins – with our inability to find a suitable and healthy food from a variety of options in the market for our beloved Helga

Helga—our gorgeous, fussy-natured German shepherd with a lovely coat is the inspiration behind our Barekmor/ Alpha Albion™ pet food brand made with high-quality grain-free, and 100% naturally sourced ingredients. We tried every sort of food and supplements, from homemade to ready-made processed meals, but she won’t accept it for long. So, we finally ended up consulting our vet who suggested a few diet plans, which were required to be cooked, turning it into a time-consuming activity. In our quest to find the most optimum dietary solution, luckily, we got in touch with a nutritionist who assisted us in devising a perfectly balanced nutritious food for Helga. We were ecstatic to eventually find a hygienic, hypoallergenic, highly digestible quality food with no artificial preservatives and colours that made Helga’s life easy.

At Hidden Gem Albion family, our highly accredited team of nutritionists, vets, microbiologists, and research team have come up with an extraordinary pet food formula that are made from freshly prepared human grade ingredients cooked in an ideal setting at 90°C in order to retain maximum nutrients as possible. With people whom we shared our nutritious recipe with were thrilled by our balanced, high-quality food prepared to perfection for pets of every age, breed, and size. We believe pets deserve to eat food that has a high nutritional value. So, we have custom-tailored our recipe(s) in a way that is best for your dog and cat in any condition. Our pet-centric, nutritional food is affordable and can easily be purchased from your local brick-and-mortar retail and our online store.

Since there are a plethora of dog breeds, most of them are man-made and have developed allergies to grains and dairy products. So, At Hidden Gem Albion (Barekmor), we have created nutritional food and supplements that are balanced and enriched in calcium, protein, iron and other necessary contents for your dog’s healthy skin, and coat and hence increased vitality. All our recipes are free from grains, cereals, soya, dairy products, artificial colours or preservatives. For instance, one of our recipes called the WILD SAVVY(with 80 percentage meat/ fish and 20 percentage vegetable /fruits/botanicals content) is designed for breeds that require a higher protein intake. While all our original recipes are made using at least 80% meat to ensure they provide nutrition to your pets in an optimized manner, as they are the best dog food recipes by far in the market right now.



Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the food standards for pets by providing healthy and nutritious meals and replace over-processed foods.

Our Vision

Our team is guided by its vision to create a happier and healthier generation of pets naturally through proper and optimized nutrition.

Our Objectives

Our main objective is to continuously provide hygienic, natural quality food for pets regardless of their breed or age. We go to great lengths to ensure that all our products are hypoallergenic, easy to digest and free from artificial ingredients or preservatives whatsoever. Our primary goal is to nurture health and vitality in our beloved pets, who we love so much.

So, if you are a vendor or a pet lover who wishes to join our journey to provide healthy and nutritious meals to pets all around the world, register your interest or leave as an email at!

We would love to hear from you about our products and answer any questions you might have about them!