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We are so delighted to witness the new society that recognises the value of wholesome pet nutrition, tailor-made from their ancestral diet. Alpha Albion™ pet food is proud to be a part of this revolutionary era.We focus on providing a natural and bio-appropriate diet through the consistent and passionate work of our top-rated pet nutritionists and vets, which helps your pets to enjoy life to their fullest.
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Why Us

Cost matches quality

Pet foods are readilyavailable from a lot of places like the supermarkets, online sites, and local pet stores

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Why grain free diet?

Gluten allergy is a proven fact and we see grocery stores with dedicated sections for gluten free diet

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Making the switch To Alpha Albion™

Switching your pet’s food from one to another should be made gradually

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How a natural diet contributes to a healthy life?

A natural and biologically appropriate food is vital to the wellbeing of all species

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The ALPHA ALBION™ pantry

Choosing the right food for your beloved pet can be very stressful.It is mainly because most commercial brands are profit

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Difference between Food Allergies and intolerances in pets?

Many dogs suffer from allergies or intolerances, but most pet owners are confused by the difference. This article could give you an idea about the difference between pet food allergies and intolerances.

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10 Winter Tips for Your Cats

Winter is almost here!! Cats love exploring out side, so the winter months can be extremely tough on them. No need to worry - Alpha Albion has some simple tips to help them keep safe and cosy. It's the time for home....

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Vaccinating Your Dog

Dogs are the most adorable creatures gifted by Mother Nature. They easily become a part of our life. Their love is pure and unaffected by your state of being. Like humans, dogs can contract infectious diseases which are easily preventable with timely vaccinations.

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