Wild Savvy 80/20

All Life Stage Recipes With A Minimum Of 80% Meat Content

Total Meat Content
Freshly Prepared Meat
Fruits, Veg, Herbs, Essential Oils, Vitamins & Minerals
Added Grains, Cereals, Wheat, Wheat Gluten, Soya, Artificial Colours or Preservatives
Indulge your pet with the Wild Savvy 80/20 range, a culinary delight designed especially for your furry friends. This premium line of pet meals is expertly crafted with your pet's wellness at heart, providing them with an optimal dietary solution that closely mirrors their ancestral diet. 

Our Wild Savvy 80/20 meals are not just food, they're a dietary solution packed with a minimum of 80% meat content, providing ample protein to support muscle growth and energy levels. Each mouthful delivers a delicious and nutritious blend of ingredients, suitable for the most discerning pet palates.

Being 'Grain Free' is not just a buzzword for us; it's our commitment to your pet's health. We understand that grains can often lead to allergies and digestive issues in pets. Hence, our recipes are meticulously crafted with 'Hypoallergenic' components, ensuring your pet enjoys their meal without any worries. 

Underlining our commitment to quality, we use meat that's deemed suitable for human consumption. Such high standards ensure that we always maintain superior quality, so your pet receives nothing but the best. 

We take pride in being 'UK Made', ensuring each meal is prepared locally with utmost care and precision. With 'Vet Approved' recipes, rest assured you're feeding your beloved pets a balanced and healthy diet. 

We say no to artificial colours and preservatives - because we believe in natural goodness. Our rigorous standards ensure your pet's meal is as close to nature as possible. 

Feed your beloved pet the Wild Savvy 80/20 range and make mealtime an exciting and nutritious adventure. Because at Wild Savvy, we believe in feeding pets right, right from the outset.
This distinct formula, free from all grains, boasts an impressive content of 80% human grade meat, fish, and fowl, exactly the type your canine friend would forage in the wilderness. Furthermore, it's hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for dogs struggling with allergies or sensitivities. What's more? We incorporate scrumptious fruits and vegetables, along with aromatic botanicals such as oregano, marjoram, and parsley, creating a delightful meal your furry pals will surely relish. Our fine-tuned blend of proteins, vitamins, and minerals establishes a well-rounded diet. So, place your trust in our dedication to nutrition and your dog's ultimate satisfaction!

Encourage your furry friend to thrive with Wild Savvy 80/20 - Farm Fresh Dry Dog Food! Free from grains and allergens, this high-quality recipe boasts 80% human-grade meat and fowl, mirroring the nutritional richness found in their natural habitat. Our exclusive mix of real meat proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and botanicals is designed to facilitate dynamic and sustained growth for your dog. What's more, we've enriched this all-stage formula with salmon oil that is known to promote skin health, enhance coat shine, boost cognitive function, and manage inflammation. Let your dog embrace a healthier, more energetic life with us.

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Yummy Treats with 80% Real Meat

Experience the wholesome goodness of Barekmor's Wild Savvy 80/20 – a delightful treat for your cherished pet! Savouring the flavours of the United Kingdom, these wholesome treats are expertly crafted with 80% freshly prepared fish or poultry, complemented by a healthy combination of 20% sweet potato and potato. Packed with essential nutrients, these treats are not just delicious, but also contribute to your pet's health. 

Our Wild Savvy 80/20: Treats are grain-free and hypoallergenic, providing a nutritious option for pets with sensitivities. The engaging crunch in every bite ensures your puppy or kitten will be eagerly anticipating the next treat time. 

Rest assured, with Barekmor's Wild Savvy 80/20, there are no artificial colours or preservatives, nor any added grains or cereals. Every bite your pet takes is a testament to our commitment to their health and enjoyment. Go ahead, reward your furry friend with a healthy treat that’s as nutritious as it is appetizing. Choose Barekmor's Wild Savvy 80/20 – the premium, grain-free choice for your pet's well-being.
Elevate your pet training sessions with our bone-shaped crunchy delights, meticulously crafted with a whopping 80% of freshly prepared Chicken, Turkey, and Duck. The inclusion of Sweet Potato and Potato adds to the nutritional value of these treats. Ideal for both dogs and cats, these treats serve as a remarkable training aid. Dispense these as a small token of appreciation and boost the morale of your beloved furry companion with our professionally-recommended treats.
Encouraging your canine or feline companions with rewards is a proven method to enhance their training sessions. Our specially crafted, fish-shaped delicacies meticulously feature a hearty combination of Salmon, White Fish and Trout - freshly prepared and contributing to 80% of the treat. Infused with wholesome Sweet Potato and Potato, these treats provide a crunchy, nourishing experience your pets will love. Professionally formulated, the delectable rewards are perfect for incentivizing and motivating your furry friends during training.

Wild Savvy 80/20 Range: Closest to their ancestral diet