Separation Anxiety in Dogs

separation anxiety in dogs and its remedies

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety happens when dogs find it hard to cope once their owner leaves the house. Dogs with separation anxiety feel genuine fear when their humans leave them alone. The most common signs are destructive behaviour - often targeted at the door you left the house from, as well as chewing and destroying furniture; noise - such as howling and barking & toileting - weeing or pooing in the house. There are some natural techniques to try before going for medications.


Try spending some time with your pooch before leaving the house. Take your dog for a walk around the block, play a game of fetch in the backyard, or do some agility exercises together. On rainy days, join your dog in a side-by-side workout on a pair of treadmills for dogs and humans, which can be fun. A tired dog has less anxiety is therefore less likely to take out his frustration, boredom, and loneliness on your furniture, and he’ll enjoy the extra bonding time with you each day. 

Environmental Modifications

Keep the environment is calm and pleasant. A two-way doggy cam might work, but sometimes it can cause confusion as the dogs won’t be able to see or smell you. Try a soothing playlist on repeat, calming scents (Lavender) and dog-appeasing pheromones. Give them a soothing and fluffy blanket that smells like you. Leave a special toy that he will get when you are away.

Reward for good behaviour on return

Bring him “surprises,” like a new toy, treats or just take him out for a walk and a game of fetch.

Herbal Remedies

Along with behavior modification, exercise, and environmental modifications, you may also want to try some herbal remedies to soothe separation anxiety in dogs. Consult with your Vet prior to giving your dog herbal remedies if he is on prescription medications. Monitor your dog for allergies or other negative reactions.

Get a dog sitter

Using a dog sitting service means that someone can keep your dog company and take them for a walk while you're out so that they're not left alone. This is a good way of easing the stress they may feel when you're not there.

Avoid punishing your dog

If you do come home to a mess, it's essential not to physically punish or shout at your dog. Try to avoid ever letting your dog see that you're annoyed - let them outside before cleaning up. Your dog will simply become more anxious the next time you go out. Be patient and continue to try the different items mentioned until you find the right solution for your anxious dog.