Idea Behind Cat Water Fountains!!

Cat drinking from water fountain Why?

Idea Behind Cat Water Fountains!!

Does your cat drink water from your tap/shower? What can be the possible reasons behind this behaviour?

Cats are drawn to running water most likely because in the wild running water would indicate fresh water to a cat. In the wild, apex predators generally avoid still water or standing water because it can harbour bacteria in it. Many domestic cats don’t drink enough water because they don’t like drinking still water from a bowl!

The best way to encourage your cat to drink more water might be to provide a water fountain filled with bottled water. The fresh-tasting cool water will be very enticing to your cat!

A water fountain with a filter constantly recycles the water that your cat can drink which keeps it cool all the time. It also aerates the water so that it tastes better to your cat. Ensure good cleanliness and keep the water fountain as per manufacturers guidelines. Change the filter regularly as instructed. 

Indeed, it seems that in the wild cats don’t drink water anywhere near their food in case their kill contaminates the water. So, if you have noticed that your cat doesn’t like to drink water from a bowl next to its dry food try moving the water to another room.

Many water fountains are available in the market. Every pet parent needs to decide the right one for their cats and homes.